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Campaign for Local Abattoirs

Small abattoirs are the linchpin of our local food systems. Without them, we could not have local, traceable meat production. Small-scale, high-welfare farming, rearing of rare breeds, including organic or pasture fed, and the success of local food businesses, including direct sales like meat boxes and farm shops, all depend on the services of small, local abattoirs.

Yet, the UK’s smallest abattoirs are currently facing an unprecedented crisis. There are now only around 62 small red meat abattoirs left in the UK, with a third having closed in the past decade. With high running costs and an industry increasingly geared towards centralised, industrial food systems, many of them are losing money and find it hard to see how this will change.

The Sustainable Food Trust launched a report in 2018 which exposed the critical situation for small abattoirs. This sparked the formation of the Campaign for Local Abattoirs in conjunction with National Craft Butchers, Fir Farm, the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association, Rare Breeds Survival Trust and a number of other stakeholders.

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If you would like to support our work aimed at reinstating local abattoirs and the introduction of mobile slaughter units in the UK, please contact We would be most grateful for your help.