John and Alice Pawsey on their journey from conventional to organic agriculture

  • 28.02.2024
  • Podcast

In this episode of the SFT podcast, Patrick Holden sat down with John and Alice Pawsey, pioneering organic farmers of Shimpling Park Farm in Suffolk.

As well as farming 650 hectares of arable land and 1,000 New Zealand Romney breeding ewes, Shimpling Park also farms an additional 980 hectares of land for neighbouring farmers, all of which are managed organically. Diversifications on the farm include an extensive environmental scheme to support nature-friendly farming and various renewable energy projects, and the farm regularly hosts school visits and events.

During the conversation, John and Alice discuss their journey from conventional to organic agriculture, as well as their decision to re-integrate livestock into their mainly arable system. They also touch on the role of farms as educational centres to help connect people with the story behind their food, before finishing with a discussion on agricultural policy and what the future of farming looks like for organic farmers, following the introduction of new environmental land management schemes.

John and Alice also feature in the SFT’s Feeding Britain from the Ground Up report, as an example of what future farming could look like. To find out more about their farm, watch this video.

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