Julius Roberts on re-connecting people with the story behind their food

  • 13.03.2024
  • Podcast

Julius Roberts – a first-generation farmer and chef with a passion for seasonal cooking and self-sufficiency joins Patrick Holden for this episode of the SFT podcast.

After studying sculpture at university, Julius worked as a full-time chef in London before moving to a smallholding in Dorset where he now farms. He keeps a range of livestock, including goats, sheep and pigs, and grows a wide variety of vegetables. He’s also amassed an online audience of over one million followers, where he shares delicious, seasonal recipes, inspiring people to think more about the seasonality and provenance of their food. In 2023 he published his recipe book, The Farm Table, which is now a Sunday Times bestseller.

During the conversation, Patrick and Julius discuss a range of issues, including the pressured but inspiring time that he spent working as a full-time chef in London, the role of restaurants in providing a “home for good farming”, and humans’ responsibility to ensure a good life and death for the animals that provide our milk, cheese, meat and more. Talking about his animals, Julius comments, “I feel very privileged to be so close to my food. When you rear animals on the scale that I do, they become companions… and they should be respected… What has happened to the world of meat to make it cheap for us and an everyday commodity is a scar on humanity.”

They also explore the power of storytelling and social media in connecting people with the story behind their food, as well as touching upon the current farmer protests taking place in Europe and the UK.

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Featured image courtesy of Elena Heatherwick.

“We put so much emphasis on death, but it’s the life that matters and that’s where you should put all your emphasis… A lot of energy should be put into the life of these animals.”
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