At Blaencamel, a 50-acre organic farm in the Aeron Valley in Wales, compost is the key to success. Farmer Peter Segger describes compost as, “the fulcrum around which the whole health, the economy and the beauty of the farm revolves.” This film is about how to make compost the Blaencamel way.

The recipe is not a secret and is similar to how compost has been made for centuries: one third green material, one third carbonaceous material and one third animal manure. Traditionally, compost is anaerobic and takes a long time to decompose. But Blaencamel make their compost within six weeks by making the process aerobic. The trick is the method of turning with machines and knowing exactly when to turn to get the right balance of microorganisms. The result is a beautiful compost that is “dark chocolate in colour and smells like the forest floor and you can rub into your face and you wouldn’t squirm!”

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