Bucky Box is a social enterprise focused on creating a better food system. They’re already working on the digital infrastructure to enable local food distribution, and recently launched the Local Food Startup Challenge to get things moving. By talking to local food distributors around the world, Bucky Box discovered that the hardest part of establishing a food business was simply getting through the startup phase; entrepreneurs were most in need of IT, seed funding, publicity and advice from others who’d been through the same thing.

So the Local Food Startup Challenge was created, with funds and business savvy to kickstart new enterprises that are building community through food.

Recently announcing the $500k fund, Will Lau from Bucky Box says, “We realised that there needs to be a culture shift and reorganisation of the food distribution, if we want a thriving, sustainable food system. We need a return to small scale farming, more urban agriculture, greater diversity of crops, more fresh food in our diets, and above all to bring back the joy to food, instead of the clinical feel of industrial food.”

Community Connector Sam Rye agrees, “We realised we were in a fairly unique position, we could seed a range of new enterprises which would begin to decentralise food distribution, moving some of the power and demand away from the big supermarkets, and supporting a range of small producers, artisans and other foodies, which are the lifeblood of a thriving food system. We’re delighted to be able to put this challenge together, and have already started receiving excited emails from challenge entrants who were on the brink of starting up before this came along and have now been given the confidence to take the leap.”

Entrepreneurs just starting out and producers/distributors under one year of operation can grab a Bucky Box account with $1000 of credit, a white paper on local food distribution and a package of support from the other challenge partners. There’s also a further $2500 prize to be vied for, based on the number of deliveries in a three month period.

The challenge is live now at challenge.buckybox.com. You can also read the back story about the challenge here. Or to find out more about The Local Food Challenge, sit back and relax with this animation:

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