Arizona Muse on sustainable fashion and biodynamic farming

  • 24.06.2022
  • Podcast

Arizona Muse is considered an icon in the modelling world and has starred in campaigns for the world’s best-known fashion houses. She is an activist, educator and founded DIRT, a charity that promotes and supports biodynamic farming. Arizona has also spent time as an impact consultant for brands looking to lower their environmental impact.

Muse joins Patrick to discuss her journey from supermodel to environmental activist and the similar challenges that are currently facing fashion and food. They discuss why biodynamic farming is so relevant today, and how we can all take inspiration from people who know their place is within nature rather than beside it.

“I've sourced projects all over the world using biodynamics to regenerate soil. ... And then I trust the people running those organisations and running those projects, that they are doing the best work. I don't tell them what to do. And this is really important. I work with a lot of communities who are in very different parts of the world than I am in, who grew up in very different cultures than I grew up in. I have no business, at all, telling them how to do what they are doing.”
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