Bringing seed back

The Great Seed Festival provides people with a chance to celebrate the seeds that feed us

Fresh faces of the food movement

We went to KERB's street food market to meet the new faces of London food

Eating my meat

An unlikely cattle keeper comes to terms with the act of slaughtering an animal

Ballymaloe: A beacon of best practice

Patrick Holden in conversation with doyenne of the Irish food movement, Darina Allen

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Eat the Week

This week: Dairy farmers face further cuts, the dirty dealings of the supermarkets and is healthy food more expensive?


Eat the Week

This week: Earth loses half its wildlife, land grabbing – a crime against humanity and are we seeing an end to the supermarket empire?

Resource of the week


Cooking the farm

Apply now for Cook the Farm, a 5-week programme exploring Sicilian culture, cuisine and farm-to-table concepts


Introducing the American food system

Take part in this free online course to understand how food is connected to our health and the environment

Editor's picks


The pig pledge

Our friends at the Pig Pledge are asking you to cast your vote for high welfare pork and an end to factory farming

Central Park foliage photo-walk, Nov 2009 - 10

Biophilic cities: Going beyond green

Biophilic Cities put the natural world at the heart of urban environments, going beyond green to reconnect people and place



Food Tank

Food Tank is a think tank focused on feeding the world better. They...
Hannibal Rhoades

Hannibal Rhoades

Hannibal Rhoades is a Communications and Advocacy Officer at The Gaia Foundation...
Tracy Worcester

Tracy Worcester

Tracy Worcester is a former actress and environmental campaigner. She actively supports...
Barley Blyton

Barley Blyton

After several years in Italy, Barley went into the UK’s wine trade...

Philip Lymbery

Philip Lymbery is Chief Executive of leading international farm animal welfare organisation,...

Megan MacLeod

Megan MacLeod has landed herself in Edinburgh with Nourish Scotland and is...
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