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    Stomachs and soils

    Patrick Holden reflects on the implications of our new understanding of the human microbiome for food and agriculture

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    What’s the true cost of American food?

    Watch the plenary sessions from our recent conference in San Francisco to find out more

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Another side to food waste

The food waste debate has gone mainstream. But with dominant narratives focused on the problem in Europe and North America there is one side to the story that is often overlooked: the impact of food waste in the Global South

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A is for abattoir: A forgotten step in sustainable meat production

Meat is centre table in food debates, from public health to global resources, but where our meat comes from – the slaughterhouse – rarely finds its way into the discussion

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Feeding cities from within

All over the world, urbanites are taking the soil into their own hands and wrestling back control of food production. How can city planning make the metropolis food secure?

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