Top 10 books for summer

Team SFT have curated our food list of the top 10 books for summer

Futurefarmers & the Flatbread Society

Artist Amy Franceschini, talk to us about the potential of art as a catalyst for food systems change

The right to cook

John McKenna calls for a new human right - the basic right to cook

First world problems: Disliking food

In an age of abundant choice, it's easy to dislike foods. Alicia Miller says we need to be less...

In the news


Eat the week

In the news this week: Study finds organic food benefits, Owen Paterson gets the boot and a new report calls for shake up of UK food and farming policy


Eat the week

Top food stories: Salvadoran peasants clash with US over seeds, America’s golden state runs dry and a new study calls for a different approach to halt Bovine TB

Resource of the week


Food is for eating

Food is for Eating is an interactive website showing just how much food is wasted globally and the steps we can take to reduce food waste in our own homes

Red Admiral Butterfly (Vanessa atalanta)

Seeing the small things

A Silent Spring highlights the importance of biodiversity in our agricultural systems and calls for an end to the use of chemicals in farming

Editor's picks


Soil culture: Talking dirt

All life depends on the ability of living soils to produce our food. Alicia Miller meets the soil culturalists using art to engage us in the wonders of dirt


Press release: Antibiotic resistance

SFT statement on the failure of the UK government to call pharmaceutical companies to account on the overuse of antibiotics in farm animals



Annie Levy

Annie Levy blogs at, about life in a local kitchen connected to...
Steph French

Steph French

Steph French is a reportage wedding and event photographer with a personal...
Rowan Lear

Rowan Lear

Rowan Lear is a writer and artist, interested in spaces where nature...

Tara Garnett

Tara Garnett initiated, and runs the Food Climate Research Network, now based...
John McKenna

John McKenna

John McKenna has been writing about Ireland’s food culture for twenty-five years...

Bibi van der Zee

Bibi van der Zee is a journalist specialising in the environment, food...
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