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    The Paris climate deal and the future of farming

    Following the Paris climate deal, Richard Young explains the importance of livestock in restoring damaged soils to make them productive for the future

  • A5346G Effects of soil erosion on farmland in Shottisham near Woodbridge Suffolk, UK.. Image shot 2007. Exact date unknown.

    Soil degradation as big a threat to humanity as climate change

    In a new report to mark World Soil Day, we explain why soil degradation is increasing and call for it to be recognised as one of the most pressing problems facing humanity

  • Patrick Holden with his cows in West Wales

    If our small farms are allowed to wither, the whole nation will suffer

    Patrick Holden warns that the demise of smallholder dairy farmers will deprive the country of skills that we can ill afford to lose

  • True_Cost_1389x500

    Understand the hidden costs of your cheap food choices?

    Find out more about True Cost Accounting

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The milking parlour

In spring 2016, Nessie Reid will live with two cows for in Bristol’s City Centre as part of a public exhibition exploring the values we hold towards our food

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Can the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy help build a new economy in Greece?

Pavlos Georgiadis asks whether the food and farming industry could offer Greece a way out of the country’s deep recession

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Increased use of antibiotics is mirrored by rising resistance in humans

Use of a ‘critically important’ antibiotic by the UK poultry industry has increased as human resistance reaches record levels

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