Reducing antibiotic use

Consumers International have released a new set of recommendations to manage the use of antibiotics

The fight against potato blight

We investigate the non-GM alternatives for resisting potato-blight

A school trip… to Tesco

Alicia Miller, asks if our impressions of the value of supermarkets have become a little skewed

Paying for our cheap food choices

Aine Morris looks at how True Cost Accounting is a tool for food cost democracy

In the news


Sustainable food news

In the news this week: More infected meat on our plates, Paterson confirms no badger cull this year, and no more beer for America’s cows


Sustainable food news

In the news this week: India’s tea producers feel the effects of climate change, California’s drought continues to take its toll on the environment and French farmers stage CAP protest

Resource of the week

Small scale carrot farming

Family farming for a nourished world

2014 marks the International Year of Family Farming, so what better way to celebrate than to share the ways that family farmers are contributing to a nourished and healthy planet


UK community food grants

The Community Food Initiative are offering grants of up to £2,500 to support projects that are working to address food inequalities in the Newcastle area

Editor's picks

Bumble Bee cc Dean Morley

Living without neonicotinoids

The restriction on neonicotinoids has caused much controversy in the farming world, but will the ban be as devastating to crop yields as was suggested? Adele Jones meets the farmers already living without


The future of food

We sent some younger members of Team SFT to Brussels to hear about a EU programme aiming to bring together young citizens, farmers and policy-makers to discuss the future of food



Rachel Dring

Rachel’s on a mission to help urbanites eat more sustainably. Apart from...

Vanessa Kimbell

Vanessa Kimbell is an author and baker who specialises in sourdough and...

Tony Little

After 12 years at Organic Centre Wales, Tony Little is a familiar...

Sophie Browne

Sophie is a freelance writer based in Bristol, whose preferred ‘beat’ is...
Nena Johnson 2

Nena Johnson

Nena Johnson has worked in the good food and farm movement since...
Charlotte Maberly

Charlotte Maberly

Charlotte Maberly is a lecturer and co-creator of the UK’s first MSc...
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