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    Do livestock hold the key to a healthy planet and population?

    On 23rd November we’ll be joined by Joel Salatin to discuss why a transition back towards sustainably managed mixed farming systems is so vitally needed

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    What’s the true cost of American food?

    Watch the plenary sessions from our recent conference in San Francisco to find out more

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Observations of a farm life: What I see

Read the latest from Cotswold farmer, Rosamund Young, as she describes life on the farm and reflects on the difficulty of juggling compassion and economics

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Go with your gut

Over the past twenty years there has been a revolution in how we understand the breadth of the gut’s function, realising that it plays a fundamental systemic role in our health

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Calls for a tax on meat and dairy products are misguided

Sustainable Food Trust Policy Director, Richard Young, writes in response to a recent report that calls for a tax on meat and dairy products

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