PFLA: A ‘grass roots’ movement

We discover why pasture-fed is so important & what's next for this emerging organisation

Ghosts in the supermarket machine

How do supermarkets decide which products make it onto the shelves?

Farmers refusing to follow the herd

Micro-dairies across the UK shows strong demand for local, small-scale milk production

Making markets mainstream

Alicia Miller asks how do we get people out of the supermarket and into the farmers market

In the news

Peoples Climate March

Eat the Week

This week: Africa’s obesity crisis, global climate change rally demands action and French farmers protest against falling prices


Eat the Week

This week: The great climate change migration has begun, California’s drought hits organic dairy farmers & security found in diversity

Resource of the week

Colourful beetroot

Say yes to local food

Start a Food Assembly and source local food directly from the farmer, by cutting out the middleman

African farmer


VetAfrica is an app that helps farmers to record animal data and receive advice and guidance about suitable treatment for unwell animals

Editor's picks

Central Park foliage photo-walk, Nov 2009 - 10

Biophilic cities: Going beyond green

Biophilic Cities put the natural world at the heart of urban environments, going beyond green to reconnect people and place


Nourishing Scotland

A new project aims to map Scotland’s food system and show how reshaping food production can improve health and prosperity


Barley Blyton

Barley Blyton

After several years in Italy, Barley went into the UK’s wine trade...

Philip Lymbery

Philip Lymbery is Chief Executive of leading international farm animal welfare organisation,...

Megan MacLeod

Megan MacLeod has landed herself in Edinburgh with Nourish Scotland and is...

Katy Harris

Katy has recently returned to Gloucestershire from the sunnier climes of Mexico....

Annie Levy

Annie Levy blogs at, about life in a local kitchen connected to...
Steph French

Steph French

Steph French is a reportage wedding and event photographer with a personal...
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