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    What’s the true cost of American food?

    Watch the plenary sessions from our recent conference in San Francisco to find out more

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Five things to know about pulses

The UN has chosen 2016 as the year to celebrate pulses – a humble family of plants that deserve much more praise and recognition than they really get

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Restaurant revolutionaries fighting food waste

A new generation of chefs and restaurateurs are taking action on food waste, and simultaneously issuing a challenge to the UK restaurant industry – to do things better

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Vegetable Agenda: Where art and vegetables meet

Blaenffos Market Garden isn’t only a farm, it also offers a programme for artists that presents a clever way of bringing a wider public onto the site to see what they are doing

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If we are to transform our food systems so that the maximum amount of people can eat nutritious food produced in the right ways, we need to work together, share ideas, pool resources and connect as part of a global food movement. Every voice counts.

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