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Farmers refusing to follow the herd

Micro-dairies across the UK shows strong demand for local, small-scale milk production

Making markets mainstream

Alicia Miller asks how do we get people out of the supermarket and into the farmers market

The rise of a Mexican food movement

After three years in Mexico, Katy Harris shares her experiences of a burgeoning food movement

Putting grasslands to work

Members of team SFT report back on the Savory Institute's recent international conference

In the news


Eat the Week

This week: Middle East wars risk food security, German retailers demand GM-free poultry and smog devastates Indian crops


Eat the Week

This week: Reducing red meat consumption, an emergency task force on obesity and how climate change will give rise to crop pests

Resource of the week

Crop Duster Spraying Fields

Online course: Chemicals and our health

Sign up for this free online course to understand more about chemicals in our environment and how they impact our health


Sifting through the soil

Interested in growing your own? Wondering how to get started with soil? This resource provides simple tips and tricks on identifying soil types

Editor's picks


Nourishing Scotland

A new project aims to map Scotland’s food system and show how reshaping food production can improve health and prosperity


The next frontier for cheese

Support the campaign to translate ‘the French scientists’ practical guide to raw milk microbiology’ and help to reshape modern farmhouse cheese making



Philip Lymbery

Philip Lymbery is Chief Executive of leading international farm animal welfare organisation,...

Megan MacLeod

Megan MacLeod has landed herself in Edinburgh with Nourish Scotland and is...

Katy Harris

Katy has recently returned to Gloucestershire from the sunnier climes of Mexico....

Annie Levy

Annie Levy blogs at Kitchencounterculture.co.uk, about life in a local kitchen connected to...
Steph French

Steph French

Steph French is a reportage wedding and event photographer with a personal...
Rowan Lear

Rowan Lear

Rowan Lear is a writer and artist, interested in spaces where nature...
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