Earlier this year, Cape Farewell’s Rural Artist in Residence, Political Ecologist and Artist Nessie Reid, lived with two Guernsey cows in the centre of Bristol’s Anchor Square for four nights and five days. This was part of an exhibition called The Milking Parlour, which was a culmination of her intensive research residency exploring the UK dairy industry.

Following the exhibition, film screenings and panel discussions about dairy farming took place during Bristol’s Big Green Week, bringing together experts from various fields and engaging the Bristol public. On 14th June, Nessie held an evening discussion open to the public, featuring presentations from a panel of experts, to address some of the complex questions The Milking Parlour raised. The event also featured a screening of a specially commissioned short film documenting the project and the conversations it catalysed.

The panel was moderated by Nessie Reid and speakers included Richard Young, Policy Director of the Sustainable Food Trust; Aine Morris, Bristol Food Connections Festival Director; Susie Weldon, journalist and co-editor of Faith in Food; Ranchor Prime, author, researcher and Hindu scholar and Mark Eisler, Chair of Global Animal Health, University of Bristol.

Photograph: Steph French

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