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Episode 4: Dr Michael Antoniou

Dr Michael Antoniou biopic

This week’s podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in learning more about the impact genetic modification, gene editing and pesticides are having on our personal and planetary health, as Patrick is joined by Dr Michael Antoniou, leading Molecular Geneticist and Head of the Gene Expression and Therapy group at Kings College London.

Dr Michael explains how gene editing fits into the complex spectrum of genetic modification, and how consumers may unwittingly find themselves no longer able to avoid GM products, as government regulation eases.

With his team he has also pioneered research into the impact of glyphosate, the globally used herbicide also known as Roundup, with shocking impacts on mammalian health.

 ‘These herbicides, including Glyphosate-based herbicides like Roundup, are nowhere near as safe as we once perhaps thought they were and we need to think twice, farming practices will have to adapt to these latest health implications of this latest evidence and change to a more regenerative, agroecological system. That is clearly the way forward, which is better for the farmer, the environment and the consumer.’