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Episode 16: With Vandana Shiva

This week Patrick is joined by scholar and environmental activist Dr Vandana Shiva. Together they discuss the influence of Sir Albert Howard on sustainable farming principles, the de-colonisation of agriculture, as well as the importance of biodiversity and true cost accounting.

“If you change the metric, you realise that cultivating biodiversity can heal the earth” says Vandana, adding that “good food [also] cultivates the wilderness of our gut microbiome”.

“It’s time to reclaim wilderness as a state of being in harmony, a state of being in peace with nature, a state of being healthy. The meaning of health is to be in balance”.

Vandana has dedicated nearly five decades of her life to the protection of biodiversity. Her quantum training and her work in ecology has enabled her to understand the limitations of the mechanistic Monoculture of the Mind. Her scientific research and her Biodiversity Conservation work with local Communities, especially women, has allowed her to evolve a paradigm of Oneness and Non separability, which she refers to as the Biodiversity of the Mind.

In 1981, Vandana founded the Research Foundation for Science Technology and Ecology and since 1984 she has dedicated herself to promote non violent farming based on Biodiversity. In 1991 she founded Navdanya. Her work has shown how through conservation of Biodiversity, humans can produce more food, better health, and reduce hunger, disease and poverty.

Vandana is currently based in Delhi and Dehra Dun, her hometown, where she established the Earth University and A Biodiversity Conservation farm.

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